Intimacy is a fashion project by Daan Roosegaarde about the relation between intimacy and technology. Its high-tech garments ‘Intimacy White’ and ‘Intimacy Black’ are made out of interactive technologies and smart e-foils which become transparent based on personal interactions.
Here social interactions determine the level of transparency; creating a sensual play of disclosure.





New York designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew of byAMT has designed a collection of jewellery made up of ball-and-socket joints, like those usually found in hip replacements. Called Jointed Jewels, the pieces are made using 3D printing process laser sintering, where a ball can be ‘printed’ inside another one. Each piece has been made with the same technique: it seems like an intricately assembled object but is in fact one single piece that was made in one go.

Photography by Lisa Klappe.





Photography by: Mikael Wardhana
Fashion Styling by: Olivia Waugh
Hair Styling by: Ryan Mitchell
Makeup by: Anastasia Pappas
Models: Amy Finlayson, Stacy Beth-Lobb, Meggie Weinheimer, Hanalei Reponty @ Chic Models Sydney