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Aino + Alvar Aalto: A Life Together is an invitation for readers to delve into the exceptional partnership and creative odyssey of two remarkable individuals who have left an enduring mark on the realm of design. This publication serves as a tribute to commemorate not only their remarkable accomplishments but also the profound love that ignited their artistic endeavors, granting us invaluable insights into their remarkable contributions to the world of art and design.

Within the pages of this book, Aino + Alvar Aalto’s influential design projects are brought to life through an array of sketches, photographs, and illustrations. Moreover, it is a heartfelt exploration of their life journey, from their formative years to the untimely loss of Aino in 1949. The book unfolds a captivating visual narrative that includes treasured photo albums showcasing their travels, encompassing everything from family vacations and cross-country road trips to international sojourns during the tumultuous era of World War II. Additionally, the book delves into the treasure trove of archival letters exchanged between Aino and Alvar, as well as their correspondence with family, friends, and colleagues. These epistolary gems offer a profound understanding of their personalities, thought processes, and motivations, all expertly framed within the historical context meticulously provided by Aalto-Alanen in his accessible narrative.

As Aalto-Alanen eloquently states in the foreword, “Through these letters, we are granted a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on the authentic voices of Alvar and Aino themselves. They allow us to witness, in their own words, the contours of everyday life experienced by this extraordinary couple during their shared years, and to comprehend the intricacies of their musings.”

Inaugurated on October 19th, 2017, the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech (mYSLm) is a dedicated tribute to the illustrious French fashion designer. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city, this new institution serves as the custodian of an invaluable selection from the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent’s impressive collection, comprising a staggering 5,000 garments, 15,000 haute couture accessories, and a treasure trove of tens of thousands of sketches and assorted objects, all currently housed in the archives of Paris.

The architectural marvel that hosts this cultural gem is a creation of the renowned French architectural firm Studio KO, founded by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier. Situated gracefully on Rue Yves Saint Laurent, adjacent to the famed Jardin Majorelle, this new edifice spans over 4,000 square meters of architectural splendor. Within its walls, a 400 square meter permanent exhibition space showcases Yves Saint Laurent’s visionary work in an original scenography meticulously designed by Christophe Martin. Additionally, the museum boasts a 150 square meter temporary exhibition area, a 130-seat auditorium, a charming bookshop, a restaurant with an inviting terrace, and a research library housing an impressive collection of 5,000 books.

The building’s exterior is a mesmerizing composition of cubic forms adorned with bricks, creating a visually captivating pattern reminiscent of threads of fabric. This outer aesthetic contrastingly gives way to an interior reminiscent of the lining of a luxurious couture jacket – luminous, velvety, and smooth. Constructed from terracotta, concrete, and an earth-toned terrazzo enriched with stone fragments, the building harmoniously integrates with its surroundings. The terracotta bricks gracing the façade are locally sourced, crafted from Moroccan earth.

Notably, the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent has implemented meticulous methods for textile preservation over the past decade, ensuring the conservation of the late designer’s work. The Marrakech museum is equipped with an advanced air conditioning system featuring precise temperature and moisture control to safeguard each item, preserving them in archival condition.

The opening of mYSLm in Marrakech coincided with the inauguration of another museum dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent in Paris. Together, these two museums house a remarkable collection comprising 5,000 clothing articles and 15,000 haute couture accessories. The Parisian museum, located at 5 Avenue Marceau within the former fashion house and current headquarters of the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, is set to undergo refurbishment for its future exhibition space, further honoring the designer’s legacy.

All images © studio KO, Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent

Portuguese practice OODA created a proposal for the ‘Istanbul disaster prevention + education centre’ international design competition to implement a facility to protect against and inform of the implications of natural disasters to be located within Istanbul, Turkey. The tilted axis of the geometrical structure is set within a landscape featuring a cultural turkish pattern generating a network of connections to the surrounding context. Leading towards the iconic building, a series of walled pathways are carved into the constructed site and a park is placed upon the generated roof. Programmatic spaces within the multiple and irregular levels intend to host courses, seminars and venues to develop public awareness about earthquakes and floods.

Via Designboom

The new Dali Museum designed by architect Yann Weymouth and HOK architecture department is located on a scenic waterfront site in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, the 68,000-square-foot structure doubles the size of the original 1982 Dali Museum. Exhibits include oils, watercolors, sketches, sculptures and other works from a 2,140-piece permanent collection.

Despite the complex processes required to construct the building, which stands more than 75 feet tall and is adorned by 1,062 unique, triangular glass panels, the $29.8 million building project was completed on time and $700,000 under budget. Construction began in December 2008.


Dutch Design Week is the largest design event in the Netherlands. Around 1500 designers from home and abroad show their work all over the city of Eindhoven from design disciplines such as industrial design, concept design, graphic design, textile & fashion, spatial design, fooddesign and design management & trends. Visitors are given insight into the entire development process from concept to product in various disciplines ranging from industrial design to applied arts.

The participants include established bureaus, high-profile designers, talented newcomers, and recently graduated designers, one of the reasons why this Dutch Design Week is the perfect meeting place for designers, companies, and public.


First staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world’s most important annual design events. The nine-day Festival programme is made up of over 200 events and exhibitions staged by around 160 partner organisations across the design spectrum and from around the world.

The diversity of world-class design talent in – and attracted to – London is one of the key strengths of the city over other global design centers; the London Design Festival brings this talent to the fore every year to connect with others, explore issues, do business, exchange ideas, and have fun.

Now in its eighth year, The London Design Festival is firmly established as a major cultural and commercial event. Last year London hosted a rich mix of over 200 commissioned installations and exhibitions plus over 150 launches, private views and parties, cementing its reputation as the design capital of the world. The next edition of the Festival promises an even greater diversity of activity taking place across the capital – from the Festival hub at the V&A to spaces across the city filled with design from partners across the UK and around the world.

Events and Venues include:

Trafalgar Square, Victoria and Albert Museum, Size + Matter, London Design Medal, Brompton Design District, The Royal College of Art, Serpentine Gallery, Covent Garden and West End, the Design Council, 100% Design London, Design Museum, Tent London, Origin – the London Craft Fair, Decorex, HEL YES!, Showhow, and many more.


Tendence is one of the most important and international design events in Germany and Europe where exhibitors, trade visitors, designers, media, and trend scouts go looking for next year´s trends and ideas.

After five days, from 27 to 31 August, the 2010 edition of Frankfurt Autumn Fair Tendence can report more visitors than last year. “Following a small increase in exhibitor numbers and now almost 57,000 visitors, up eight percent, Tendence is well on the way to making a full recovery.

On over 71,000 square metres of exhibition space in ten halls, 2,130 exhibitors from 57 countries presented the latest products for the home, furnishing and giving in the coming autumn, winter and, in particular, busy Christmas season to an audience of 57,000 visitors from 90 countries. The top 5 nations were Switzerland, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria and France. Moreover, the number of visitors from the USA doubled and, altogether, a quarter of all visitors came from outside Germany.

Trends for the autumn / winter season

In the case of home trends, the coming season is set to introduce colourful retro aspects into the living room. Knitted fabrics are more in demand than ever before. Trendy knitted products are not only popular for home textiles, they are even used for flower vases or teapots. A casual, used-look underscores the lively character of furniture and complies with the consumer desire for authenticity. When it comes to colours, the spectrum is dominated by natural shades. The top candidate for the trend colour of the season is dark green. However, this Christmas will be colourful: Father Christmases will do their rounds in lilac and pink while Christmas baubles are no less bold in orange, turquoise, pink and yellow.

Natural materials and colours are also highly rated for gift ideas and there are trendy cases made of felt and leather for the complete range of mobile-communication devices. Amusing printed mottos ensure a humorous note.