Exploring the convergence of sculpture, dance, and architecture, the collaborative efforts of artist Edgar Orlaineta and designer Simon Hamui have birthed a captivating collection of furniture objects that pay homage to contemporary aesthetics while embracing the intricacies of the manufacturing process. This ambitious project, titled “Variations on Non-Euclidean,” comprises three distinct pieces: The Ruth Lounge Chair, The Redshift Coffee Table, and the Miss Expanding Universe Bookcase.

Each of these creations draws its creative spark from a multifaceted source. They find inspiration in the groundbreaking work of avant-garde dancer Ruth Page (1899-1991), the architecturally significant residence designed by Howard T. Fisher for Page, and the remarkable sculptures crafted by Isamu Noguchi as a tribute to this remarkable dancer. These distinctive furniture pieces, predominantly crafted from wood, engage in a compelling dialogue with the abstract and geometric mural that envelops the La Tallera space in Mexico, creating a seamless fusion of art, design, and the spatial environment.

Via: Designboom
Designers: Edgar Orlaineta and Simon Hamui

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