Exploring the convergence of sculpture, dance, and architecture, the collaborative efforts of artist Edgar Orlaineta and designer Simon Hamui have birthed a captivating collection of furniture objects that pay homage to contemporary aesthetics while embracing the intricacies of the manufacturing process. This ambitious project, titled “Variations on Non-Euclidean,” comprises three distinct pieces: The Ruth Lounge Chair, The Redshift Coffee Table, and the Miss Expanding Universe Bookcase.

Each of these creations draws its creative spark from a multifaceted source. They find inspiration in the groundbreaking work of avant-garde dancer Ruth Page (1899-1991), the architecturally significant residence designed by Howard T. Fisher for Page, and the remarkable sculptures crafted by Isamu Noguchi as a tribute to this remarkable dancer. These distinctive furniture pieces, predominantly crafted from wood, engage in a compelling dialogue with the abstract and geometric mural that envelops the La Tallera space in Mexico, creating a seamless fusion of art, design, and the spatial environment.

Via: Designboom
Designers: Edgar Orlaineta and Simon Hamui

The Pill Wall Desk is designed by Lithuanian-based Emko, a furniture and home accessory design company that takes inspiration from the intersection of Northern Scandinavian, Western European and Eastern Russian cultural spaces to create products for the modern home. Multifunctional and stylish, the desk aims to provide the cure for cluttered living spaces while also offering an innovative way of creating a compact workspace. The round cabinet can be installed on a wall at any height, to suit the needs of the owner. Its interior features display and storage spaces, with an adjustable shelving system and sockets. Thanks to its ingenious and adaptable design, it can be used as a working desk, bar, storage space, or bookshelf. Available here in white with a white or black back, the Pill Wall Desk also comes in black, blue and yellow.

Pill Wall Mounted Desk at Gessato Store







The Torsion chair by designer Natalie Musorina is designed to be made out of one single strip of plywood, painstakingly bent along a defined 3D curve to create a Mobius strip-esque shape. The concept of torsion comes into the way the wood is bent. The chair’s fabric is weaved into this very wooden strip providing a tensile seating device within a torsion bent wood strip.

Via: Yanko Design