The Wienerwald Restaurant located in Munich was designed by German architecture studio Ippolito Fleitz Group. Serving fast-food chicken and salads, the Wienerwald restaurant surprises its visitors with a fresh interior design and bold accents depicting the brand’s strongest points: high quality service, comfort and German cuisine in a contemporary design frame. Wood and leather were used to create a natural setting that was embellished with contemporary graphics and gold intrusions that evoke the crisp skin of its main product, the Wienerwald grilled chicken. A large, white and compact counter welcomes clients at the entrance, offering food choices on suspended menu boards, above the anthracite mosaic stone wall with stainless-steel units for food display.

The dining areas are visually delimitated, offering different seating options, from booths to high bar chairs and tables. All around, outlines of trees decorate the walls and mirrors, creating an open, fresh space and a selection of 15 wall plates tell the story of the brand using printed images.


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