The Tree Restaurant in Sydney Australia by Koichi Takada Architects was created recreating the traditional Hanami festival in Japan and the Cherry Blossom in bloom.

The timber profiles have been cut using CNC technology, minimizing waste and allowing accuracy and detail in the design. Gaboon Marine Plywood, brings the warmth of timber to the interior, which compliments tie texture of the rendered walk. The contrast of these elements highlights the central TREE and the Sushi Train below.

From the architects: “We wish to emulate the comfort and tranquility .he canopy of tree can create. Timber profiles create the branches of the tree, transforming the Sushi Train restaurant into a place of nature. Dappled light filters between the timber branches. The flairs of light change as you move throughout the restaurant, mimicking the Irregularity of natural sunlight, while highlighting the path of the Sushi Train.”


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