Derin collection’s characteristics are founded on simplicity with well-defined lines, giving a sense of movement that integrates modern and fast urban lifestyles – suitable for both home and office environments. Derin collection’s strategic philosophy is quite clear in that all the products in the collection share the same characteristics and spirit. However, each design can stand on its own and do not necessarily have to be evaluated as a series or group. Observing the designs within the collection, it must be clear that the essence of these designs reflect the period they were created in. Derin places an emphasis on developing new designs every year and strives to develop and grow based on the market demands to keep the brand on the forefront of the international scene.


Derin: Abdi Cadddesi No. 77/1, Istambul, Turquia.


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  1. I’m going to go to Turkey and I will visite your shop can you give me the address o the website please?

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